My name is Kathryn Berens and I am a writer with a wealth of experience in researching and writing for corporate, financial and political markets.

After graduating from Oxford University with a degree in Classics, I qualified and worked as an equities fund manager in the City and then as a financial public relations consultant.  In these roles I researched, analysed and wrote reports, press releases and presentations for many different markets, industry sectors and companies.

I then worked for a member of the House of Lords, researching and speechwriting.  I wrote on a wide variety of subjects both corporate and political.  The remit of this role ranged from the formulaic, time-precise speeches required for the House of Lords to corporate presentations and even after dinner speeches.

In recent years, as the mother of three young children, I have written a well-received blog and I am a frequent contributor to The Huffington Post.

In addition, I have undertaken a number of genealogy projects as I have a strong interest in family history.  These have involved both the primary research and a written report of my findings.

To complement my writing and research skills, I am also a qualified TEFL teacher and a fully accredited life coach.